A Spot of Sun

What do we British do when we wake up to the sun shining on a Sunday morning in late winter? Well mostly we get on with the usual things because we can’t quite believe it is happening.

My memory might be playing tricks on me but all I can recall from youth is weekends of ‘rain stops play’ followed by Wednesday afternoons of occasional sunshine. If the sun did try to peek through the clouds my mother would insist on making me wear a hat so that I didn’t get sunstroke; I ask you sunstroke on the edge of the Pennines.

So this Sunday we were all surprised to see that we were presented with a pleasant day. We went for a walk in order not to miss the moment and enjoyed the experience of passing weather related comments with neighbours and strangers alike.

“What a lovely day!” we would exclaim as if taking some credit for the arrival of the sun.

We used this phrase millions of times during our stroll towards fellow strollers making the most of the early spring like day and when I say millions I mean several.

Without exception the response was the same from other happy Yorkshire dwellers; ‘Yes! But is due to get worse tomorrow!’

It was amazing, we get one pleasant day in the midst of the grey and we can/t allow ourselves to enjoy it for the thought that the next day might be a more gloomy picture.

My wife, who has just been to see a film called ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’, took this temperature rise as an excuse to look at her wardrobe and make plans for buying apparel suitable for warmer climes.

In a few weeks time we will be off to the USA to visit friends and she has already exclaimed several times that she doesn’t possess any Florida type clothing. I asked for explanation of what might count as suitable for such holiday-wear but none was forthcoming, except for the usual “I’ll know it when I see it”.

In her search to travel abroad correctly equipped, Mrs M is hampered by our general lack of belief in hot weather. And so it is that, at the same time as looking for vacation garments, she is planning to include in our suitcases items that will keep us warm if the temperature should drop.

Think about it for a moment; we are travelling to an area noted for its sunshine and this English couple are planning for the possibility of a cold snap.

I wonder if when we get there we will feel the need to comment on the weather with the Americans that we meet. One thing is for sure they are highly unlikely to reply with comments about the conditions getting worse. But just in case we are not going without some handy thermals, after all you never know!