Jungle Rat

Just a few days ago Gino De Campo was crowned King of the Australian Jungle and was immediately arrested for eating a rat.

It's a good job that it's reality TV otherwise you wouldn't believe it!

For those who haven't been watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Gino is an Italian TV chef who has managed to gain more popularity than a boxer, a snooker player, and lady who cleans toilets on the telly. All of whom entered the show as a personal challenge and not to gain publicity.

I am not sure what rights rats have in Australia, or what organisations are set up to protect them, but it seems he ate the wrong type of rodent. This strikes me as rather odd seeing that it took place in the land of the barbecue where meat is king.

It wasn't as of he just hit it on the head and took a bite; he used his culinary skills to turn it into a dish fit for any alternative eating establishment.

Anyway someone was upset and complained, meaning that Gino was in trouble.

I wonder what his defence might be should it get to court. Surely his new found status as King would go a long way to ensuring his freedom.

The precedent has already been set: In Britain it is an offence to eat swan unless of course you are the reigning monarch or she has given her approval to do so.

In truth his excuse will probably be that he was hungry after spending a couple of weeks in the jungle on limited rations.

The result of any court case will most likely depend on the make-up of the jury. If they are mostly vegetarians he will no doubt be given a lengthy sentence. If, however, he is tried in front of students he will surely be forgiven: they, of all people, know how hunger can drive them to eating all manner of strange food combinations.

There is talk that the rat related complaint was made because of the suspicion that it might be a tame specimen. That perhaps it had been taken out of its normally secure environment and placed in the jungle to add amusement to the dull lives of millions of viewers. That it had become a mere commodity in the TV ratings war.

Not much different than the contestants then!